Planner & Workbook

365 Days to Make Your Dream Come True

A date-less planner that allows you to start dreaming when you're ready and create your own timeline. It shares books and gratitude exercises to jump-start your dreaming process.

Is there something you want to do that keeps nudging you because you won’t complete it or finish it? Do it! Time doesn’t stop nor can you get time back! Go for your dreams even if it’s one dream at a time.

The My Dream Year Planner is a tool to hold yourself accountable to go after at least one (or more) BIG DREAM in the next 365 days. This 158-page planner is also a workbook that includes:

- Personal vision and mission statement page

- 13 thought-provoking questions, to assess where you are & the direction you desire to go

- Gratitude page with exercises

- Inspiration pages

- Non-dates calendar pages, which allows you to start dreaming at anytime

- 12 books that will motivate & inspire you to keep moving forward towards your dream

- 50+ affirmations on Motivation, Goals, Habits, Dream, Creativity, Fears, Anxiety, and Purpose

- 4 Coloring pages, because sometimes we need to stop, de-stress and make our world more colorful.

Keeping your dreams, vision, and strategy on how you plan to achieve these things all in one place will keep you focused. Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

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